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My name's Takas Ne┼čeli, but everybody just calls me Maya. My Mum named me that after one of those funny dogs with no scent from the TV. My Dad says it's an anagram for 'My Amazing Young Anatolian', whatever an anagram is. I'm two years old, I weigh 49 kilos, and I am fawn with a black mask, but I have a white tail tip too. I live with my Mum, my Dad, my brother Zeke, and Mum's pets in sunny Townsville, Australia.




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Saturday, 26 July 2014


Come on Mum! It's ADVENTURE time!

I really think that Fridays are my favourite day. Mum's weekend starts on a Friday so she spends all day at home with me and Zeke! (Well sometimes she has to run errands without us, since she says dogs are not allowed in banks or post offices. All I can say is that those banks and post offices must have never met me before.) But not this week! So I helped mum around the house a little.

Me helping out with the gardening

My bench!
After gardening, it was time to head out for an Adventure! We went to the Strand and walked down to Jezzine Barracks, our new favourite place. We took a rest break on my favouite bench and watched the sun setting.

After our walk we stopped by Grandma's place. There were lots of visitors there so I got plenty of pats and attention! Also, I had to play with Goldie, Grandma's puppy. Goldie hardly looks like a puppy anymore though...

Ow! That's my FACE, kid!

We stayed for a visit and finally, after some treats from Grandma and lots of games, Goldie was tired.

Mum and me were a bit tired, too, so we said our goodbyes and headed for home. I helped Mum some more (cooking bacon this time. Mmmm... bacon) then went to bed.

And slept very, very deeply.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Lots of visitors

Well, it's been a while since my last Blog - we didn't have a computer after Dad broke the old one! Mum was nooooot happy. But now we have a brand new laptop and I can keep posting again!

In the meantime, I've had some Adventures to Bluewater park, the beach, and the river. Zeke and I also had lots of visits at home! First, Austin brought his humans over. Austin is still my very best friend and we had a great time.

Let's play, Austin!

Then Goldie and Grandma came out. Goldie is still getting bigger and bigger, she weighs almost as much as Zeke. She still isn't as fast as me though, nor as good at wrestling.
Chew ya paw off! (Not really)

Still, Goldie is I suppose, pretty fun, for family.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Winter at the Beach

We headed to the beach this evening. It still gets dark pretty early, so by the time Mum finishes work and drives home to pick up me and my brother Zeke, the sun is setting. But that's okay, because Mum especially loves sunsets. She said the water was too cold for her to swim, but she let me paddle.

Okay, it's pretty cold.

Zeke and I also got to play a little bit. He doesn't see very well as it gets dark so he gets crankier than usual.

Still, I'm glad we have a Mum who takes us on beach Adventures, even when it's getting cold and dark!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Homestyle Adventure

We had visitors this weekend - Grandma and Grandma came out with the pup Goldie.

Goldie was excited to see Zeke and my's territory. She ran around and sniffed everything of course she wanted to play.

I suppose sometimes, she's fun to play with.


But then sometimes, this happens.


I also showed Goldie how to drink from the big drink bowl.

Tastes better as mud.

All in all, it was quite a fun visit. Also Grandma gave me lots of treats and attention! But it's pretty tiring, keeping up with Goldie.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Agility Adventures are the BEST!

Goldie's manners are getting a little better

Agility has been super-fun because me and Mum have gone up a class so I'm learning all sorts of new obstacles and tackling new challenges! My favourite things are still Tunnel - now sometimes we do a jump straight after the Tunnel which is excellent! But I also REALLY love practicing for Teeter. That's like a big see-saw, and to practice for that we do a couple of games. The first one is called 'see-saw smash' and basically you put your front paws on the edge of the Teeter board and smack it into the ground so it makes a 'clunk' sound. Then you get a treat! The second game is a board that doesn't move at all (yet) that you run up and get a treat at the end! You should see how fast I can run up that board! I get lots of practice because when we're at the Strand, Mum lets me walk along the little walls there, so Teeter practice is no problem.

After Agility was over, we stopped my Grandma's place and I had a play with Goldie.

She's still crazy.

I also caught up with a human I haven't seen since I was a puppy! Human is, confusingly, called 'Grandma' but my Grandma calls her 'Mum'. She is very nice and gives very good pats.

We only had time for a quick visit before we had to go home and cook tea. But I did help warn away a silly human from Grandma's house. (Sometimes humans drink a special drink and it makes them loud, unsteady and more than a bit weird). Because Goldie is only a puppy still she doesn't know who to bark at and who to let pat her, so I set her right - silly drunk humans hanging over the fence should be barked at! But once they went away, me and Mum went home - all the Agility and playing really wears a dog out.  

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Pet Expo and Movie Night!

Yesterday, me and Mum had a HUGE Adventure! To start off with we went to the Townsville Pet Expo, which was very busy with lots of people and their dogs. Mum was very pleased with how good I was. We paid visit to lots of friends who had stalls - like Creative Animal Portraits, The Dogfather training, Animal Body Care, and Angel Paws Adoptions.

Checking out Creative Animal Portrait's stall!

I got to be 'Demo Dog' and got a massage from Animal Body Care! 

So I got lots of cuddles and attention! There was also a nice man that gave me a sausage from the sausage sizzle. That was a special treat, because I'm not allowed sausages, usually.

Expos are exhausting. Catching a nap.

After we left the Pet Expo we headed down to the Strand, where I had a short walk (I was pretty tired after all the Pet Expo fun) then we camped out in the big grassy area in the middle of the Strand.

A very, very big screen got put up to show a movie on! I always hang out with Mum and Dad at home to watch TV, but I'm not allowed to go with them when they go out to movies. So I was very surprised I was allowed to watch this special outdoor movie! Mum brought us a blanket and some snacks for us both, and I got a special wristband to show I was allowed to stay and watch.

Special movie wristband!

I admit, I did do a bit of sleeping while the movie was on. It was a very big, very exciting Adventure.

Movie night was fuuuun.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Loooong Adventure

Usually Mum works late on Thursdays, but once a month she finishes early and we get to go on an evening Adventure! This was one of those Thursdays. We decided to follow the boardwalk at Jezzine Barracks all the way along to see where it went.

Long shadows on the boardwalk

Plus, a stop for some ocean-gazing

I had NO IDEA that Jezzine Barracks connects up with another of my favourite places, Pallaranda Beach! We walked all the way there and hung out for a while, checking out these truly excellent tile ocean animals!

I'm not scared of crocodiles!

Catching a ride on a sea-turtle...
I think this one is an octopus?
We walked until the sun set, then headed back to Jezzine Barracks. We also found this little rocky circle of fish at one of the little parks by the boardwalk, which was a little weird.

Yes. I caught these.
Then it got dark and we headed for home and my nice comfy bed.