About Maya

My name's Takas Ne┼čeli, but everybody just calls me Maya. My Mum named me that after one of those funny dogs with no scent from the TV. My Dad says it's an anagram for 'My Amazing Young Anatolian', whatever an anagram is. I'm two years old, I weigh 49 kilos, and I am fawn with a black mask, but I have a white tail tip too. I live with my Mum, my Dad, my brother Zeke, and Mum's pets in sunny Townsville, Australia.



Friday, 4 September 2015

Hard at Work

Mum and I had a really long adventure today! On the days where she doesn't have to go to Work and help people pick the best dog toys and treats (She knows which ones are the best because I help her figure them out of course) we have started doing a different type of work. This work is basically where we go sit at a table somewhere and Mum uses her laptop for a couple of hours while she mutters nonsense to herself. 

Here I am helping.
 I don't mind guarding Mum while she works, because it's still fun to watch people and dogs walking by. Before we start and after we finish Mum takes me on a walk too! After we packed up I thought that was it for our Adventure of the day but instead we stopped by the beach and met Grandma and her dog Goldie!

Even though there were lots of other dogs so I had to stay on my lead, Goldie and I played some.

 After the beach and Mum using up three towels to dry me after my swim, we went back to Grandma's house where she cooked us some food and we watched TV for a while. (I didn't actually watch TV as I was so tired by this point and from all the snacks Grandma gave me I fell asleep). By the time we went home it was completely dark, but it was still a great Adventure. 

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Adventures everywhere!

So in the last week, a lot of Adventures happened. But there was also something strange that happened, which was that my brother Zeke got a big lump under his chin. Mum didn't even take me with him when he went to see the vet, so I was pretty worried about him. The good news is that he's back home now and feeling better. I am a little jealous of the special meals Mum makes for him though.

Anyway, I had a couple of playdates recently, one with Austin and one with Goldie. Austin came to my place and even though it was a bit hot we did play a little.
The Amazing Levitation Austin!

Race time!

Then me and Mum stopped by to see Goldie, Grandma's dog. We played a little as well, even though I was getting a bit tired by then. 
We also had a Sunset Beach Adventure! It isn't really warm enough to swim properly during the evenings anymore, but Mum does let me paddle, and there's always lots of things to sniff!

Okay Mum, I'm tired of posing for your sunset photos, let's GO!

Mum, something is wrong... somebody ELSE shredded this coconut!

We also had a River Adventure. Even though there was kinda something important missing in the river...
I'm sure there was water just here last time we came...
I found some small friends in the trees by edge of the river bank, too.
MUM there are POSSUMS in this tree! Let me chase them!
 Mum was a spoilsport and wouldn't let me offlead to chase and bark at them though. But still, even without any water around, that made for a pretty exciting River Adventure!

Monday, 6 July 2015

The Apex Adventure

This weekend Mum and I went on an amazing Adventure, going somewhere totally new to me, Apex park, by the river. Mum says she used to take Zeke there all the time because they used to live nearby, which is part of the reason Zeke is such a good swimmer. (He taught me to swim as a puppy). 

 I most certainly did NOT fall in. It was on purpose.

First, we explored a track alongside the river, where there were plenty of good things to sniff, plus there were some pretty impressive trees.

Like this one, growing over the water

And this hollow tree, growing on a little hill of its own
There were lots of excellent places to explore, and Mum even let me walk out on a few of the sideways-growing trees over the water. I kind of think she knew I was considering jumping in though...

 There were bridges and boardwalks over some sections. I didn't really understand why, but Mum says sometimes when it rains there are lots of little creeks running down to the river, so then you need bridges.

After our bushwalk, we checked out the park further down. 

I don't know what this is, but I want one.

 I enjoyed the park very much. So many things to climb!

One of these too, please Mum!
 Of course, we had to stop for a rest break!

With a river view

 Before we left, Mum took me down a little ramp to a dock right by the water. She warned me it was cold, but then, she doesn't have fur as warm as mine. 

Okay, so how wide is this platform?
Not that wide. (Also it was a little cold...)

All in all, Apex Park was a really fun place for an Adventure. It's a pity it's such a long car ride away, but then again, I suppose we are lucky we have a beach, river and a park near our house in the first place.  


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Adventures at this years' Pet Expo

Pet Expo time again this weekend! It was way bigger and better than the last two we went to, plus, it took place at Jezzine Barracks, one of our favourite places. There was just one problem... Mum made me wear this T-shirt... 

Mum I want to choose my own clothes.

Unfairly sloganed T-shirts aside, I did have fun. We saw Creative Animal Portraits (my official photographer), Hear No Evil Deaf Dog Rescue, Australian Working Dog Rescue - that's who saved my newest brother Kipper and brought him to live with us - and lots more groups. I got a lot of attention and pats (which covered my t-shirt with fur, take that Mum!)

My new favourite human from Western Suburbs Vets!
I also got a special Pet Expo lunch, a whole sausage just for me! 


Mum usually saves the last bite of her sausage for me when we are at special events, but her idea of one bite and my idea of one bite are two very different things.

Mum, there's no meat on that. Put another sausage on it!
 Mum wouldn't let me snorkel in the water bowls though. She told me to quit playing in the water, and stop drinking it all so the other dogs could have some.
What? That sausage made me thirsty.
There weren't just dogs at the expo, either!

All in all it was a pretty fun expo, and already I can't wait for next year!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Happy birthday Mum!

This weekend it was Mum's birthday! She got a whole day off to spend with me, which I think is a pretty great birthday present. We went to the Strand and hung out before paying a visit to Work so I could get lots of attention and cuddles.

The Strand has awlways been one of my favourtie places to have an Adventure. There's lots of things to sniff...

All sorts of interesting faces to meet...

Some interesting challenges... 

Some great views...

And time for snacks!

Mum still insists that we have to follow the rules on the Strand though. I still don't understand why dogs can't play in the waterpark!

Come on Mum, all the others kids are in the waterpark...
At Work, I got a chance to do some shopping.

Two of each thank you!

And say hi to the fish!

I was pretty tired by the end of the Adventure though.

I'll just nap here.

But we did have a great day! 

Monday, 4 May 2015

Golden Moon Rising

Mum and I went on a new Adventure tonight! We did a big drive up to Hervey's Range lookout, which is halfway up one of the mountains near where we live. There was not a lot of room for long walks around the lookout, but we went for a stroll around and we found some excellent boulders!

I don't know why Mum doesn't have some of these at home.

After that we sat down for a while to check out the view. Mum was really happy because the moon was full and we got to watch it rise. I thought it was pretty ordinary since the moon rises practically every night, but Mum was impressed. I suppose the view was pretty great!

View from the top!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Strand, Concert, and a Bath...

Finally, Summer is starting to slip away! It's not quite so hot anymore and Mum and I are taking our Adventures in places that aren't always the beach.

This weekend Mum decided I needed a bath, which was okay, except she takes me to Work and insists on blow-drying me afterwards and that's no fun.

At least we went to the Strand afterwards. We caught the tail-end of an outdoor concert, which are clearly the best kind because dogs can attend. (There was a small fluffy dog and a greyhound there too!)  

Mum did not notice this guys pants coming down. I don't miss these things, naturally.

We also went and visited Grandma's. Mum still gets to swim in the human-only pool while I wait outside. I had Goldie for company but after all our Adventures I was a bit too tired to play very much.

Goldie wanted attention, naturally.
All in all it was a fun weekend, and we still found time to have some downtime and enjoy the view!