About Maya

My name's Takas Ne┼čeli, but everybody just calls me Maya. My Mum named me that after one of those funny dogs with no scent from the TV. My Dad says it's an anagram for 'My Amazing Young Anatolian', whatever an anagram is. I'm two years old, I weigh 49 kilos, and I am fawn with a black mask, but I have a white tail tip too. I live with my Mum, my Dad, my brother Zeke, and Mum's pets in sunny Townsville, Australia.



Monday, 4 May 2015

Golden Moon Rising

Mum and I went on a new Adventure tonight! We did a big drive up to Hervey's Range lookout, which is halfway up one of the mountains near where we live. There was not a lot of room for long walks around the lookout, but we went for a stroll around and we found some excellent boulders!

I don't know why Mum doesn't have some of these at home.

After that we sat down for a while to check out the view. Mum was really happy because the moon was full and we got to watch it rise. I thought it was pretty ordinary since the moon rises practically every night, but Mum was impressed. I suppose the view was pretty great!

View from the top!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Strand, Concert, and a Bath...

Finally, Summer is starting to slip away! It's not quite so hot anymore and Mum and I are taking our Adventures in places that aren't always the beach.

This weekend Mum decided I needed a bath, which was okay, except she takes me to Work and insists on blow-drying me afterwards and that's no fun.

At least we went to the Strand afterwards. We caught the tail-end of an outdoor concert, which are clearly the best kind because dogs can attend. (There was a small fluffy dog and a greyhound there too!)  

Mum did not notice this guys pants coming down. I don't miss these things, naturally.

We also went and visited Grandma's. Mum still gets to swim in the human-only pool while I wait outside. I had Goldie for company but after all our Adventures I was a bit too tired to play very much.

Goldie wanted attention, naturally.
All in all it was a fun weekend, and we still found time to have some downtime and enjoy the view!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Three years

 I turned three years old last week! I was kinda disappointed that Mum didn't throw me a massive party. But, she DID buy me lots of cool things! Here's some of my presents!

Birthday cupcake! (Non edible kind)

 Another new toy... good for tug of war!
Because I'm a good sister I shared some of my toys with Zeke. 


Cupcake with rope toy!

I was mostly excited by the new pool. Mum said there were no purple ones but pink is still okay. Now Zeke will know that it's just for me since it's a girl colour! 

Mum also took me to the beach for my birthday. It was low tide and a VERY windy. But that didn't stop us having lots of fun! 
Playing in the waves

Apparently, another one of those cyclone things is hanging around further up the coast. If it comes any closer, I've saved up my scariest bark to chase it off!

There were lots of little pools because it was low tide. This one was perfect for some paddling, so I decided this would be my special swimming pool. Okay, I did let Mum in as well.

After swimming, it's important to shake off all that salt water.
Sometimes during swimming.
Other fun things we did last week were go to the Strand with Austin and his new brother Valamir. We waited until nighttime, too, which is good because it's not as hot. Also the Strand has a lot of really excellent lights to see at night.

Am not sure I can call Valamir a 'little brother' anymore

Of course I still had to have a spa-bath to cool off before we went home though!

I hope that my next birthday is just as much fun next year.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Storm Fronts

 Our Adventures have been a bit stormy of late - it rains almost every day, and there's been some really big thunderstorms. Zeke hates thunder, and so does Kipper, but me and Mum love the rain. Of course, a bit of noisy thunder doesn't scare me. We've still fit in beach visits in between the worst of the storms.

This way Mum! I smell an Adventure!
There's always room for a run on the beach!

We hadn't actually seen the sun set properly with all the clouds for a little while! Beach sunsets are the best.

Plus, there's spa baths to be had...
You know Mum, if you put the camera down we can actually do beach stuff!
And of course, before you leave the beach, you have to roll to dry off - at least until it next rains! 

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Surpises, Christmas and New Years

So, that surprise? Yeah, it turned out like this.

Yep. Mum brought home a new dog. His name is Kipper, he's a border collie, and he's 15 years old. I mean, come on Mum, if you're going to get another dog, does it have to be another old dog who doesn't want to play any decent games with me?

I don't like Kipper very much... he snaps and growls at me and his manners are TERRIBLE. But Mum says I have to be patient with him, because he's blind and his old family didn't want him anymore, so he got left at the pound. Which isn't a very nice thing to do. He used to have a best friend with his old family too, so Mum says it's hard for him to get used to me and Zeke at his age. So, I'm being patient. He's okay really I suppose. He and Zeke get along okay, but they would. They're both old and boring!

Anyway, Summer is really hitting in full force here, and it is HOT. Mum and I still have adventures, but they're a lot slower. Plus, Mum brings me along a spray bottle to cool me down, which is actually pretty fun!

Riverway is a nice place to be in Summer... I think it would be more fun if Mum let me swim in the river though!

We also went to the Strand on Christmas Eve, which was fun, except...

"Ah, Mum? You do realize we're in public, right?"

Yep. I had to wear a Christmas hat. The whole time.
"You realize people can SEE ME, right?"

But I suppose it was all fair... because Mum wore a Christmas hat too. The next day I got a Christmas present, which was my very own Darth Vader toy to destroy! I hope everyone got presents that excellent. 

Tonight is New Year's Eve, where most humans are very silly and drink lots and make lots of noises. Mum and Dad stayed home though and cooked this really delicious pork roast. I got scraps, which seems like a pretty great way to begin a new year to me!

Friday, 14 November 2014

New Park!

 Mum took me somewhere new this week! New park is quite near to Grandma's place, and is very interesting. We walked up a little hill and you could see everything!

New park was also by the river, but Mum wouldn't let me swim in it because it was something called 'low tide' and it was too muddy. I didn't think so, but I still wasn't allowed to go in. The only bad part about the new park was when I went to sniff this really interesting patch of weeds, and I got these nasty little spiky things stuck in my paw pads. Mum had to get them all out for me, but Anatolians are tough, so it didn't stop us finishing our walk.

Since we weren't far from Grandma's place. we stopped to say hi to her and Goldie. We played for a while, but it was still pretty hot because as Mum says, Summer has started now.

Also, guess what Grandma brought Goldie?

New pool -  a PINK one!
I had to test it out of course. Just to check it was okay. After our visit, we got home and watched one of our favourite movies!

Tomorrow, Mum says she has a surprise in store... wonder what's happening!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

A night at the Strand... with company!

So Mum and Aunt Dani had a surprise for me today... Austin has a brand new brother! I would say 'little brother' except that the little brother is already taller than he is. I didn't point that out though - Austin does not realize he is a small dog, he has the heart of a lion!

Austin, Valamir and me

Austin's new brother is called Valamir, his name has a meaning, which is 'Dark Prince.' This is much like my proper name, Neseli, that also has a meaning (cheerful). Valamir is a Belgian Shepherd, and he has very nice manners for a puppy. I will have to help Austin teach him to stay polite! 

Mum also had another surprise for me... she made me wear this on the walk.

Not impressed.

I don't know why she didn't find a purple one, everybody knows purple is my colour. Mum says she's sick of people saying what a 'nice big BOY' I am though.
Even despite my new pink bandana, we did have time to stop at my favourite spa bath!

Looks so inviting!

Somebody turned the water orange but that's okay, since I've already been coloured pink, purple and blue for Worlds' Greatest Shave this year I had a spa bath there anyway.

'Get out', Mum? But I just got in!

Anyway, we had a lot of fun at the Strand, though there were a few rude dogs I had to bark at - hey, I have two humans, my best friend and now his not-so-little bother to protect after all! Because you have to stay on your lead at the Strand, Austin and I couldn't really play, but we did squeeze in a quick bouncey version of Wrestle before we had to head home!